My name is Kristen and I started this blog as a place to record my thoughts.  Over the years I have felt the need to share my experiences, struggles, and lessons learned in order to help others feel support and solidarity in their lives.  Becoming a mother accelerated the molding of who I am today.

I’m a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician and love learning about all things carseats. I’m a mom to three beautiful boys and my husband and I have been married for 8+ years. I have enjoyed many hobbies throughout the years including painting, scrapbooking, competitive fastpitch softball, writing, and anything to do with numbers.  I’m an adult convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) and it has changed my life.  I love my faith.  And I’m also a member of the Fightin’ Texas AGGIE class of 2006, WHOOP!